Friday, January 16, 2009

Putin for Tsar

Well, I've finally done something constructive. added a Putin for tsar t-shirt to go with the ever popular Putin for star bumper sticker

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I had it First

Just saw this in the Think Geek catalog

which imeadetly reminded me of this

so yeah, theirs (who ever actauly made it) is a better rendition, but I had the idea first. Now everyone (i'm looking at you cafepress IP department) is going to think I stole it

Ces't La Vie

Sunday, October 12, 2008


New design, to go with my re-branding. (I'm sure no one knows or particularly cares, but before to day the shops went under the banner of fools gold designs, but I decided that wasn't interesting enough, and the name albino meese got stuck in my head, so here we are.)

As you can see, it's a mash-up of Pac-man, and Pitfall, two classic video games. much in the same vein as this design i did a couple months ago.

I'm really liking this general concept of video game mash-ups, and will probably do a few more like this, one in particular I have in mind is Super Halo Brothers, which will be a little more complex then what I've done so far.


Welcome to Albino Meese my blog for promoting my T-shirts (etc) on my , Cafepress site and my spreadshirt site. The plan is to describe new items I put up, and give any customers I might gather a means of feedback. I also intend to use this blog as a vehicle for expressing any other opinions i feel are worth sharing, So there may be some politicking, reviews of media and that sort of thing as well.

As for my merchandise, it mostly consists of Geeky themes, off beat political comentary (Euguene Debs '08!), and an assortment of jokes that seemed a lot funnier before no one bought them.